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Work order tasks in edit mode have to be clickable

Work order tasks in edit mode have to be clickable

Work order tasks in edit mode have to be clickable

We are working on work order tasks which have been defined by APM Predix and migrated to FSM.

These work order tasks on the FSA app are only clickable in so called "view" mode. They are not clickable if the user is in edit mode of the work order task on the Ipad. 

This is not OK for our users - user will always work in edit mode and check in edit mode what to do. Keep in mind that the WOT handling is not really easy on the Ipad - we can not demand from the FSE's to check/click a link which was identified/seen in edit mode with going back to view mode. Please check - a technical solution is needed. 

This was already discussed in detail with @mlounas Mourad Lounas from SVMX team. Please contact him or @adrian_modolea  for further details. 

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Simplify process in handling work order tasks
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Switch between between edit and view mode and back to edit mode which causes a lot of time
Product Area?
Mobile Ipad App 3.7.2
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
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Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Completely agree - we have similar worklow and having to have the engineer switch to View SFM to do certain tasks vs everything else being done in Edit does not make for a good workflow.