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Customer Success Team

Re: Associate SalesforceProfiles to Configuration Profile

Thanks, Russell Jacobs​!  I am happy!

If you want to get my attention quickly, please be sure to @ me!  @lisa_mercer
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Product Team
Product Team

Re: Associate SalesforceProfiles to Configuration Profile

Thanks for the feedbackRussell Jacobs, the information helps. Just to be clear we will not be making any changes in the migration tool to migrate the permissions sets or any configuration managed at Salesforce level.

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Product Team
Product Team

Re: Associate SalesforceProfiles to Configuration Profile

Migration Tool release (19.1) will support Salesforce profile association when configuration profile is selected for migration.

On 'Validate'

  • We will list associated Salesforce profile for the selected group profile with option to select all or select specific Salesforce profile for association.
  • We will list Salesforce profile(s) that are not found in the target org (but associated in source org).
    • User will have to create those Salesforce profile(s) manually and perform assignment in target org.
  • We will list extra Salesforce profile(s) associated with group profile in the target org.
    • User will have to manually un-assign them post migration.
  • If  Salesforce profile(s) selected for association is already assigned to another group profile in target org then we will list those profiles and their group profile info.
    • It will be revoked from those profiles if selected for migration.


  • User will have to select 'Salesforce profile(s)' under group profiles to consider profile association for migration. If none selected then only group profile will get migrated(existing behavior).
  • For the selected configuration profile, migration logs will capture details
    1. Additional Salesforce profile(s) found in the target group profile,
    2. List of Salesforce profile(s) that get assigned to the group
    3. Details of group profile from which selected Salesforce profile will get unassigned &
    4. List of Salesforce profile(s) that are missing in the target org

Note: Migration tool will not create Salesforce Profile in target org, only supports association of the Salesforce profile(s) to the group profile if already available in target org.

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