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Auto-entitlement / One Product / Two Contract discount

Line Chef
Line Chef

Auto-entitlement / One Product / Two Contract discount

Currently we have one Auto-Entitlement and we want to implement 2nd Auto-Entitlement!

We have two contract type, US contract (Service plan: Gold US (100% off Product/Parts price), Silver US (50% off product price), Bronze US ) and UK Contracts (Service plan: Gold GBP (100% off), Silver GBP, Bronze GBP ) We also have Field on Contract as “Contract for = Picklist value US / UK” and the contract is linked to Products/Parts and Account.

On the Work Order we have field as “Created As” and the values are “US Work Order” = US Order, “Null” = UK order

When a Work Order get created on the Case, we need to make sure this Work order auto-entitlement should check If this for US contract or UK Contract and apply the discount according to the Contract against the Product.

1 case can have 2 type of Contract’s Work order and the auto-entitlement should work

Please let me know if this possible to achieve and if it’s possible to automate it.