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Combine reports to give one single output in pdf

Line Chef
Line Chef

Combine reports to give one single output in pdf

Hi , 

We were using Salesforce before and have achieved the below request using a Visual C program. Now we have moved to ServiceMax.

I used to have multiple reports of in Salesforce - For eg: Contracts Report, Mean Time to Install, Mean time to Repair, Service Orders for customers under contracts etc. 

I was able to use a Visual C program to access these reports via SFDC and bring them together as one single report in pdf format.

For eg: using this external program, i could search (or type one Customer Name) and pull all details of the Installations at that Customer, all the Service provided details, all the contract details, all the replacements extra for a time period which i state. 

This report used to give me a overall view of a Customer status and service provided to them in one single document 

I want to get this functionality back, but i dont know Service Max can do this without any external application. I dont have access to the person who created the app for me in Visual C. If servicemax cant do this, do any one know of any app which has a connector to service max ( eg: powerapps) with which i can generate the required report. 

Any guidance would be deeply appreciated