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Fry Chef paul1
Fry Chef

Compare 2 Fields - Report if Do Not Match

Hi All,

We have 2 Custom Fields;

1: Generates an auto 4 digit number that is visible on the Salesforce WO Layout.

2: Is a Text Input Field that Engineer uses to input matching number on iPad following a call to our HQ (They must call HQ to receive this number).

For now, we do not want to make this a required field.

Is there a way to run a report or have a view to show WO's that DO NOT have matching numbers between these 2 fields for any WO that is not on Open or Allocated to Tech status.


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Sushi Chef rvanwaveren
Sushi Chef

Re: Compare 2 Fields - Report if Do Not Match

Hi Paul,

I would suggest to use a calculated field on Work Order that subtracts the two fields (may have to convert both to numbers first) and show when <>0 and your other criteria.

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Staff Chef richard_lewis
Staff Chef

Re: Compare 2 Fields - Report if Do Not Match

Hi Paul, I am not sure if you are aware but Salesforce have functionality where you can subscribe to a report and have it sent to you only if there are records in it. So once you have built your report you can try that to get the results sent to you daily or on a schedule you choose. A link below for instructions.

Help | Training | Salesforce

Regards, Richard

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