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Date formats on output documents

How can I format a date on the output document (Field Service Report).

Currently the date format used is based on the user's Salesforce user record (locale) but than can lead to ambiguous dates printed  e.g.  01/02/2017    is that  January 2nd or is it Feb. 1.

I would like to know if I can fix the format or at least display the user's locale

Thanks for advising

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Re: Date formats on output documents

Hi Bram de Jong​, I found this on the ServiceMax Help Pages

To apply locale formatting for numbers, you must use the function LNUMBER.{{$F.LNUMBER($D.Work_Order.SVMXC__Latitude__c)}}
To apply a number field's scale (number of decimal digits), you must use the function SNUMBER.{{$F.SNUMBER($D.Service_Quote.SVMXC__Discount__c)}}

I am wondering if LDATE would work and may give you what you want? Or possibly LDATE/TIME or LDATETIME?

Alternatively if it is just one date field then could you create a few formula fields to show the separate parts of the date. E.g one for

- Month

- Date

- year

Then either concatenate these in another formula field and put that in your output doc or pull all three fields into the output document.

Please let us know you get on with resolving this issue.

Regards, Richard

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