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Line Chef
Line Chef

Get Price

I am looking for some help to implement the ServiceMax price-book functionality.

We have a requirement to have 2 price book,  First Tech will use the list price from the SFDC price book and then if required he will call Web service (external system JDE).

I am using the Servicemax Code 001: Standard get a price, Javascript on Product selection edit

But observe below issues -

Discount filed override, it does not display manually entered values and also not considered in total line price.

On edit the work order lines if I add a new line, it will change the price for all the work order line (here on the previous line and got the price from an external system) irrespective in which line changes are being done.

The design I am looking at - for the SFDC pricebook user will click on "Get price" button and Line price and billable line price will updated, tech can enter discount and save the record. the discount should be considered in the total calculation

On save external call can happen and if any price changes, system will update the billable price and total calculation will happen.

On edit I expected, if line will add and tech will select "use price from pricebook" and click on "Get price" button then only line with "use price from pricebook=true" will display price from SFDC price book. The old items which did not have this checkbox true should not update billable line price and discount fields.

Let me know what am missing here. Why billable line price and Discount field not working even though I have false on " use price from pricebook"