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Grill Chef heiko_lindner
Grill Chef

How to create a timesheet automatically?

Is it possible, that a timesheet will be created, after a technician enters workdetails or time entries during debriefing of a workorder? I found the setup menu, to change the timesheets from bi-weekly to monthly. What I am looking for is, that the timesheet should be created automatically.



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Re: How to create a timesheet automatically?

Hi Heiko,

Have you considered using a trigger to create the timesheet after a work order is completed?  This might be a good case for our support or professional services team to engage upon as well, if you need assistance in this type of setup. 




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Grill Chef heiko_lindner
Grill Chef

Re: How to create a timesheet automatically?

Thx Chris, if a trigger the solution, I will discuss with my customer.

many thanks again,


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Re: How to create a timesheet automatically?


I would like to understand more about your use case for creating a Time Sheet in ServiceMax. OOTB, ServiceMax provides both Time Entry and Time Sheet objects.  The distinction is that a Time Entry is a periodic entry (e.g., Daily) for Labor for either Work Order (Work Detail Line for Labor entered during debriefing) or non Work Order related entries (Vacation, Jury Duty, Training, etc.) entered directly as a Time Entry in the Time Entry object. The submitted Time Entry will cause ServiceMax to locate and post the Time Entry to an available Time Sheet (based on Time Sheet configuration settings for weekly, monthly, etc.) or cause the creation of a new Time Sheet if the Time Entry isn't in a time period covered by an existing Time Sheet. Therefore, with the Time Sheet and Time Entry objects configured correctly, your requested use cases, as I understand them, should work without any Apex customizations, etc.

As there are a lot of moving parts related to Time Entries and Time Sheets, a separate call with your ServiceMax PS team may work best to discuss the topic further and identify options for you.



Wyatt Dunn

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Grill Chef heiko_lindner
Grill Chef

Re: How to create a timesheet automatically?


many thanks so far. May I will ask PS Team, what I doesn't have configured, because ...when I enter work detail lines, labor or travel, no time entries were created. In addition, if I enter time entry manually, and a time sheet for that period isn't available, SVMX will not create a new time sheet automatically. May I have some failure in SFM config? Currently I don't know. Is there any best practice in online documentation? May do you know it?

thanks again,


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Roast Chef mark_v3553
Roast Chef

Re: How to create a timesheet automatically?

Hello, does anyone have any advice for how the Timesheet period is configured, ours for some reason shows each engineer with activities from 18th to 17th of each month - in theory meaning I have two weeks of two months in one timesheet. I'd like to change it so it runs fro 1st to 31st - but I cannot see how you change this timesheet parameters? The data updates once a day which is fine, but I cannot find how we change the Timesheet from its current range to a new range of dates?

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