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Migration tool supports SFM Wizard Layout Configurations

Product Team
Product Team

Migration tool supports SFM Wizard Layout Configurations

 Migration tool supported migration of SFWs between orgs. But setting up SFW layout configuration was a manual activity post migration. We had heard from all of you that this was time consuming activity and supporting migration of Wizard layout configuration will save time and ease the migration process.

19.2 Migration Tool release will support SFM Wizard layout migration.


SFM Wizard Layout migration has been kept as a separate entity under the Source tree for migration.
When setting up new org choose all SFM Wizards, at the same time choose all objects under 'SFM Wizards Layout' for migration. As part of migration along with Wizards its layout configuration will also get migrated. 

If you are migrating specific SFM wizard(s) then choose its object under SFM Wizards Layout for migration. Post migration you will see wizard migrated and is positioned same as source org in the layout configuration.

You can also choose to migrate Wizard layout configuration independently provided target org already has SFM wizards.

Product behavior

  • You will see a new option under 'Select items to migrate' tree view. i.e 'SFM Wizards Layout'
  • We will list standard, packaged objects & custom objects for which wizards are present in the source org. You can select all objects or specific object(s) for which wizard layout configuration needs to be migrated.
  • At Validation we will check if the all the wizards in the layout configuration is present in the target org.
    • If no errors found then layout configuration will be migrated.
    • If one or more SFM Wizard are missing in target org then at validation user is alerted about missing wizards and layout configuration will not be migrated. Error message displayed in validation screen is:
      Below Listed SFM Wizards are not present in target org.
  • At Validation for the selected object if there are additional SFM Wizards in the target layout configuration then at validation
            We will list all those additional wizards found in target layout
            Overwrite option is provided for user to confirm the action.
  • If user chooses to overwrite then target org's layout configuration will be maintained same as source org and the additional wizards found will be pushed to the bottom of the layout. Admins will have to manually remove them or re-arrange them post migration as per their requirement.
  • At Validation error is thrown and migration is not allowed if you choose an object under SFM Wizard layout for migration, but that object is missing in target org. Error message not only mentions about missing object but also lists SFM wizards configured in the source org's layout configuration. User can refer these details to create the missing object in target org and choose those SFM wizards for migration in next iteration.
  • You can choose a new SFM wizard and select its layout configuration and migrate successfully in single iteration. At validation of layout configuration if any SFM Wizard is not found in target org but has been selected for migration then no error is thrown to user at validation. 
  • The migration log and migration status excel will capture details of the objects for which wizard layout has been migrated. It also capture details about those extra wizard retained in target org.


  • We will not migrate SFM wizards when layout configuration is selected for migration.
  • SFM Wizard and SFM Wizard Layouts are migrated as independent entities.
  • Any extra wizards found in the target org will be pushed to last slots of layout configuration if user choose to overwrite. Migration status.xls and Migration log file will capture this information.
  • At validation user is provided with details about missing Wizard, objects and extra wizards to take necessary corrective steps.

We have tried to address the manual effort that was required in setting up wizard layout configuration post wizard migration with this enhancement. Please share your feedback with me @shivaranjini_g 

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