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Onsite SLA for 'next working day' requirements

Line Chef
Line Chef

Onsite SLA for 'next working day' requirements

We are currently using SLAs to manage our Initial Response on Work Orders and I am looking now to extend this for our technician on site response.

Whilst I'm relatively happy with how I build the responses based on a total number of minutes, I have had a request from one of my user teams that they want to be able to measure 'next day response' within the business hours model.

The issue I face is, if I use just minutes in the SLA I can't set the total minutes to be the end of the next working day as the time will vary depending on when the Work Order is raised.

I'm looking for any thoughts on how I might achieve this, before I head down the development route.

I've thought about creating a workflow that calculates the number of minutes between created date and the end of the business day it's created (X) and then adds a full business days minutes to that number (510 + X) and then overwrite the specific field on the work order that holds the 'onsite response in minutes', in the hope that the Onsite response date and time would update - but it doesn't.

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