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Print a list of report in a folder

Fry Chef
Fry Chef

Print a list of report in a folder

Is it possible to print a list of reports that shows the report name, Folder it is in, owner and last run date?


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Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Re: Print a list of report in a folder

Hi Ron,

What you can do is:
1. Make a new Report Type with the starting object = Reports and give it the name "reports with/without Dashboard"

Screen Shot 06-14-18 at 08.45 AM 001.JPG

Look for the related items and select Dashboard Components and select the option "A Record may or may not have related records"
2. When Created you can start to create a new Report and select the Report Type you just created.Screen Shot 06-14-18 at 08.46 AM.JPG

3. In the report you will find the information you need and can create your Document. You have now the Dashboard & Reports Object fields. You can Group by etc.....Screen Shot 06-14-18 at 08.48 AM.JPG


Kind Regards,  

Hans van Mil
Senior CRM Solution Consultant ServiceMax | Group IT


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Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Re: Print a list of report in a folder

For info a Salesforce article that covers the solution from Hans and gives a few other bits of information on it.

Help | Training | Salesforce

Regards, Richard

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