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Fry Chef nkatoros
Fry Chef

Review and Approve Work Detail Lines for Billing

We are building an integration to send our Work Detail Lines from ServiceMax to Oracle EBS for invoicing. Does anyone have any ideas on a process and configuration for users to easily review, update and approve all WD lines on a work order, for a specific period (e.g. week / month)? Once all of the WD lines for that period are approved, we would send them to Oracle to be billed.

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Line Chef boetros
Line Chef

Re: Review and Approve Work Detail Lines for Billing

Hi Neal, We currently have SMAX linked to SAP R3. In our solution we are invoicing what we quote to the customer. The quote is generated in SMAX and interfaced to SAP R3 which results in a Debit Memo Request which is invoiced (order related billing). When the engineer deviates from what was quoted the system alerts the user that the quote needs to be amended (custom build). So basically we are re-quoting the customer based on the actuals. Our Terms and Conditions will indicate if an amended quote will need to be accepted again by the customer.

The hours which are booked on the WO's are sent to the SAP R3 Service Work Order only for costing purposes. So we don't approve work line details as costs are costs. Our pain currently lies in the face that someone manually needs to decide which items to add and remove to the quote and there is no easy report or function to compare the WL on a WO with the Line items on the quotes.

I'm my opinion you have three options:

1. You perform Resource related billing where you invoice the actuals from the WO;

2. You perform Order related billing where you invoice in your what you have quoted;

3. You perform Delivery related billing where the invoice is generated from deliveries.

All options have their pros and cons. depending of how/where/if you are entitling (warranty, contracts) what needs to be invoiced and where your prices are residing.

I hope this helps you in choosing your direction and I'm happy to learn from others on how they have resolved this.

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Roast Chef sonia_genesse
Roast Chef

Re: Review and Approve Work Detail Lines for Billing

Hi Neal,Neal Katorosz

I have my configuration based off of the closed Paid Service (Quoted) Work Orders. When a WO is closed their is a Process Builder process that updated the Case Status = Pending Review. These cases are then reviewed by the Service Manager and once he closes them are they available to be billed, these are in a report and a List View and are now able to be billed.

I have an integration process and a custom object which sends items from the WO and are emailed to the Account Receivable department which are then billed against the open Sales Order for that Quote in our Microsoft Dynamics system. This Quote is created in SMAX and then also created in MS Dynamics via the Boomi integration as well. Each SMAX Quote has a corresponding MS Dynamics Quote associated and the MS Dynamics number is written back to SMAX, also part of the integration process.

Since we don't have the Work Orders written to MS Dynamics, this is how we achieve this.

Therefore, depending on your use case you could likely achieve this a few different ways. Your WD lines could have a similar process for reviewing as I have for our Cases.



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