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Timesheet Daily Summary

Hi, I wonder if anyone can have any input here. Our timesheets are collecting correctly all labour and travel lines, but are not collecting Events created on the iPad (which are non-WO based). This is a custom SFM which creates an event to record time but doesn't involve a WO. The Timesheet is configured to collect Time Entries from both Salesforce & ServiceMax events, but yet when an event is created by an engineer on the iPad although this event shows in the Dispatch Console, the timesheet doesn't collect it and we cannot identify why? The Events created by the custom SFM are Salesforce events and as I said, the Timesheet Autofil section is configured to collect BOTH Salesforce & ServiceMax events. Within the daily summary, we get all WO lines of Labour & Travel, but no lines with times accounted for via a Salesforce event? Any ideas? The timesheets are producing but there are gaps and all of the gaps are when an Event has been used rather than an actual WO? Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Mark