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Using Refurbished Products


I am looking for ideas or suggestions on how to use refurbished products. Our global parts catalog, doesn't have another unique identifier that could easily identify a refurbished product. So when we are creating product stock for that part, we are not able to create a separate product stock specifically for the refurbished parts. Unless of course we create a separate stocking location to hold only the refurbished parts. We would like to not do that as that will add several steps for the technician to select another location, etc.

Anyone have any ideas or are using the same product/part for refurbished parts?



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Re: Using Refurbished Products

Hi Hasnain Yusufali , we use an R at the start of the Product name if it is refurbished so have separate Salesforce Product records. Is this the sort of thing you are saying you cannot do?

Is the system preventing you from creating two product stock records then? What error is it giving you? Which field is causing you the issue with uniqueness?

I would expect it to let you create two records and then you could have a field on one for refurbished. 

How are you creating product stock records? Is this manual? Dataload? Interfaced?

Regards, Richard

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