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Fry Chef cmadeira
Fry Chef

What are the impacts of using Installed Products against Accounts instead of Locations?

I’ve been asked a few times what the impacts are of not using locations, but instead linking Installed Products to the account. Here are a few comments received from the ServiceMax PS team:

  • Contracts by Covered Locations would not be available, so would only be able to associate each product to a contract, not set up a contract to cover a whole location.
  • Technician would not be able to see installed product that are at the location they are visiting.
  • Creating an WO from an IP: Would create an extra step of identifying the location -- it would not default in -- The Map on the Dispatch Console needs the location (Lat/long).
  • Many time new customers do not have the location information available. Best Practice: Update the install product(s) with location information any time they become aware of this information.
  • Installed Base app to manage installed base. Location is required.
  • A Technician's search for Installed Product would be at the Account level and could return all Installed Products and provide too many selections to sort through

Any other impacts that anyone knows of?

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Product Team
Product Team

Re: What are the impacts of using Installed Products against Accounts instead of Locations?

Hi Carlos-

RE: ProductIQ, technically does not require locations. The impact would be that locations would not be visualized on the Installed base hierarchy tree, but a user can create a location on the tree and then drag the installed product into it.

It is best practice however, to tie installed products to a location if the information is available so that the user has a site centric view of the installed base.

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