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Sushi Chef storres
Sushi Chef

What is the best way to track manufacturer recalls on IPs?

So we have a couple of manufacturer recalls on certain products that we service and wanted to know how others track these? 

  • Do we add a field on the IP object so that we know which ones have had the “recall steps” completed?
  • Do we do this for all other recalls that come up which would mean multiple new fields being added?
  • Or is there another way of capturing and retaining this information?
  • We were thinking of creating WOs for these IPs and having them ready to be dispatched at the next time that we either had a PM or Service call to go out to that location
  • Or should we start with a case?

Assuming that others have had to deal with recalls so would like to hear how you all handle them. Mike Monin


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Grill Chef jongb
Grill Chef

Re: What is the best way to track manufacturer recalls on IPs?

Hi Monin,

We will be implementing FCO (Field Change Order) soon as custom development for medical devices.

It will create a FCO record and can generate a batch of Work Orders based on Search criteria on that FCO record.

This will make re-calls fully traceable.


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