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"Duration and EndDateTime must match" error on mobile

Grill Chef
Grill Chef

"Duration and EndDateTime must match" error on mobile

I'm piloting the new timesheets feature and I'm getting this error when I try to edit an event on ServiceMax mobile app.

1. I have the user create a non-billable entry where they enter an activity, date, and duration.

2. This creates a calendar event. If they want to edit the event and change the hours, they hold the event and choose Edit Appointment.

3. They make edits to the hours, like changing from 10am to 11am. Then they click Save.

This gives me the following error: "Duration and EndDateTime must match."

This only occurs on mobile. If I log into browser as the user and edit the appointment in dispatch or if I just update the event record itself, I don't get any error. I have no validation rules on events. Any idea what's causing this error on ServiceMax mobile and how I can get around it?

I'm using ServiceMax Winter 17, Version 17.10.023 for iPhone 6 plus.

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Re: "Duration and EndDateTime must match" error on mobile

Hi Micah, did you clone a ServiceMax out of the box SFM to base yours on? If so then which one and which changes did you make to it.

A workaround in the short term is to add the Duration or Enter Hours field to your page layout so the user can update it when changing the duration of the event.

If you try changing the start and end time of the event but keeping the duration of the event the same you should not see the error, it looks to be the interaction of this duration/enter hours field and the config/code. In your example you are changing the start time and therefore the event is becoming a different duration but you dont have the 'Enter Hours' field available to enter a value in. It appears you dont have functionality in the system to consider that if that field is already populated then it should be recalculated based on the start and end time. Instead it is trying to set the duration of the event based on that time and it doesnt match the start and end. Hopefully this makes sense.

Based on your reply I hope to be able to give more guidance on a potential fix.

Regards, Richard

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