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Fry Chef hugh_murfitt
Fry Chef

"Salesforce Platform" User License

In order to reduce our licencing costs by using only ServiceMax licences and not Salesforce licences, we have been advised to change all our users from a "Salesforce" User License to a "Salesforce Platform" User License.  Fair enough.

But it then looks like we'll need to redefine and redeploy all our existing profiles (as we can't change the user license type in the profile, for reasons we think we understand.

Has anyone else encountered such a situation?  What advice would give?

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Sushi Chef dbrieck
Sushi Chef

Re: "Salesforce Platform" User License

I've ran into the same issue and just bit the bullet and opened two windows and recreated the SF profile.

After it's made you can easily assign the pre-existing service max profile to it.

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Staff Chef richard_lewis
Staff Chef

Re: "Salesforce Platform" User License

Hi Hugh, did you get this sorted out? There are packages on the app exchange out there that allow you to clone users easily. e.g. Clone This User - Arkus, Inc. - AppExchange

Alternatively a dataload may help you. If you exported all your users. Then update the usernames for them all to have a 2 on the end and deactivated them all. Then loaded all of your users back in to create new users. Unfortunately your would have to deal with reparenting the records.

Regards, Richard

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