1 signature / service report for multiple work orders

1 signature / service report for multiple work orders

We need the ability to create 1 service report for multiple work orders. That service report must show all the work details for all of the work orders. It must be available offline.

We are not able to do multiple installed products per work order due to the way we integrate with SAP on the back end. We can create 1 service report for multiple WO in Drawloop but that is available online only. Adding work detail information to the WO header brings limitations about how many work details can be included.

How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Not at all. It is a huge gap and a big problem for our service team to ask a customer for 50 signatures.
Product Area?
Mobile Field Service Management
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 16
Customer Success Team

@darasherafat   Let's review this one with DrawLoop as it sounds like offline mode for this may be possible now.


@michelemckenna  FYI.

Roast Chef mark_varley
Roast Chef

@lisa_mercer is it possible I can have some information on what/who Drawloop are/is? The reason for it is this is a requirement for us to amalgamate various WO's reports into a single signed document for the customer if possible. We often have cases which have 10+ work orders, and creating 10 different output documents is confusing for the customer and is somewhat overkill. Thank you for your support.

Customer Success Team

@mark_varley   Sent you an email connecting you with the people who can schedule a follow up call.  Keep me posted!


@brittany_taylor   @darasherafat