Auto-Scale Page Layouts to full extend

Auto-Scale Page Layouts to full extend

We often have jobs spanning 4-5 days, or even longer, and easily generate 10-15 entries for Service Time and Travel time.  SVMX defaults to a fixed boxed size, requiring the scroll bar on the right, to view all the entries.  (Again, this situation is more frustrating on my larger office screen, since I have so much vertical screen area).

Is there a way to make these entry boxes (frames?) scalable to the screen like a regular Windows based program?

It almost feels as if SVMX was written for field service entities whose visits are of short duration, limited travel, and who have smaller portable devices screens like phones or tablets on which to do data entry. As you can see allot of screen real estate is now wasted. It should load the whole page with all items.

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Summer 16
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Product Team
Product Team
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Hi Jeroen: The capability you request is available if you switch to the lightning experience.