Bypass strategy for SVMX Managed package triggers

Bypass strategy for SVMX Managed package triggers

Need option to bypass SVMX triggers during Bulk data updates at User level or at profile level. However, these triggers can fire for business users. Here are the recommendations:


1. Create custom setting with all triggers with 3 options to bypass,

# User Id

# Profile id

# Permission set id

2. When a user id is entered against a svmx trigger then the trigger execution should be bypassed for that user. Similarly, if Profile Id and PS ids have values then trigger should be bypassed for all users with that Profile or PS..


What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Align best practices of our org to SVMX managed package.
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managed package Triggers
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Hi @smusku , @richard_lewis @brittany_taylor 

We have enhanced existing Trigger Control admin page to support bypass trigger execution at user level and at Salesforce Profile level. This functionality will be available from 19.3 ServiceMax release.

The new trigger control admin UI will now list all objects for which packaged trigger is enabled. 

Sample screen shot on new Trigger Control UI.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.59.12 PM.png

For each object admin can select list of Salesforce profile or list users for whom trigger execution needs to be bypassed. You can also bypass trigger execution for all users by selecting option 'Global' which is supported only for Case, WO and User objects.

Maximum of 12 Users or 12 Salesforce profiles can be set on each object. To reset selection, click on 'Reset' button at the end of each row.

We have enabled auditing on this admin screen. Any changes saved from this screen will be captured in our audit table 'View ServiceMax Configuration Changes'. Entry is made for each object.

If you are doing upgrade then you need to run auto configurator to access the new trigger control UI. On fresh org it will be available on package installation.

Use the feature and share the feedback.

Thanks, Shivaranjini