Create product serviced lines for location coverage PMA

Create product serviced lines for location coverage PMA

We would like that when location coverage is used on PM plans, that a product serviced line is created for each IP.

There would be a setting so that a product serviced work details are created for each IP at that location.

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Hi @martski !  

Thank you for this idea regarding Location Coverage Type for Preventive Maintenance Plan. It bears some similarities to an enhancement we have under consideration that would work as follows: 

  • When utilizing a PM Plan with Coverage type = Location, we update the PM Plan functionality to only reference the Location on the Plan header record (in the location field)
  • Then, when a Work Order is generated from this PM Plan, it references the location field on the plan and dynamically maps all the IBs associated on that Location Record to Work Detail lines on the WO
  • This allows for future WOs generated from the PM Plan to map new IBs added to the location, without having to make manual updates to the PM Plan itself. 

Does this solution sound like it would resolve your idea requirements? Is there anything about this proposed solution that might be a gap to you? Please let me know, and I'll work on developing this enhancement through our product backlog. 

Many thanks,

Lacy Cotton-Hodgson

Fry Chef
Fry Chef

Hi @lacy_cotton !

Thanks for the response.

This sounds good, though there seems to be a gap in that we can have multiple locations on a PM plan. What you have described seems to allow only one location per PM plan. We do not use the location field on the header of the PM plan, rather we use covered locations. In this way, it creates product serviced lines for IBs at all the covered locations.

If the enhancement could be adjusted to handle this situation and look at the covered locations instead, then we would definitely use it. If it remains as you have described, I am doubtful if we could use it, I would need to discuss this with business colleagues.

Martin Curtis

Product Team
Product Team

Hi @martski , 

Just to clarify, the current design of the PM Plans with coverage type of "Location" does not support creating product serviced lines in the work details of a WO based on the "Covered Locations" lines in the PM Plan. If the Coverage Type = "Location," then the PM Plan will generate 1 work order per location in the Covered Location related list, but nothing more. So your feedback above isn't indicative of what you currently have implemented, but what you would like to see based on your configuration with Location Coverage PM Plans.

It sounds like your response above is asking that we add in the scenario of looking at the location field on the "Covered Locations" related list so that when the PM Work Order is generated for that location, it will also dynamically populate the Work Detail Lines on the WO with the IB at the location. 

I think this use case scenario makes sense, I'll add the details to the enhancement consideration. 

Thank you! 

Lacy Cotton-Hodgson

Fry Chef
Fry Chef

Hi Lacy,

I agree with what you describe - as to how servicemax works now.

We have created a trigger that will look at the covered locations for a PM plan, and will create product serviced lines on the work order, for each IP.

We have made a setting to have one work order per location.

Thanks for adding to the enhancement consideration, we would much prefer that this is handled by standard servicemax.