Default Pricebook by customer


Currently in ServiceMax you can't link customer(account) to a pricebook.

When a user is estimating/debriefing a work at customer site there are 3 options:

1)Customer has a valid contract - in that case the effective pricebook will be the pricebook that is linked to the contract.

2)Customer has a valid warranty - 100% covered in 99% of the use cases.

3)Billable customer - in that case the pricebook that is effective is the priceook that is linked to the current user servicemax profile!!!

Option (3) is very problematic as there are some cases where users are handling several customers and each customer has his own pricebook with his own pricing.

It also may be that one user will handle customers from several regions and in that case it doesn't make sense to use one default pricebook.

It would be great to simply link account to a default pricebook (lookup field). Then when the entitlement engine will run if the customer is billable do the following:

1) Check if there is a default customer pricebook. If there is consider it as the effective pricebook and calculate the line prices and etc. accordingly.

2) If there is no default pricebook use the default pricebook that is linked to the user's servicemax profile.


What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Product Area?
Parts Management Warranties & Contracts
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 16

The use cases I have run into are customers getting special pricing (pricebooks) and discounts too. In that use case, we have associated special contracts with the customer which are not billable.

Sushi Chef
Sushi Chef

Hi Adnan,

This is the work around I am going to use as well. The problem is that it is not clean. I must entitle it before it is taken under account.

For my use case the contract is only holding the link to the customer pricebook. No other discounts/coverage.


Roast Chef
Roast Chef

We have billable non contract customers with different pricebooks and backoffice uses that manage different countries with different pricebooks per country and sometimes even different from within the same contract. Thus there is no service contract. However, we have pricebook fields on the account. It would make sense to use those but that is currently not possible.