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Enable possibility for a user to find work in 1 consolidated view using the browser

Enable possibility for a user to find work in 1 consolidated view using the browser

Enable possibility for a user to find work in 1 consolidated view using the browser

Using the out of the box data model offered by ServiceMax using cases and work orders but also case lines, we have a scenario for specific roles that is simple to find work, but other roles this becomes more complex.

SImple example:

Remote service engineer (L1) can look always in work order object related list view in browser, in order to find new records for work orders which need to be accepted or already accepted that need to be completed (1 list view on work order object from the browser)


Complex example: 

Technical Support Specialist (L2) by default have to work on case list views to find cases being escalated to accept and act as escalation owner, but also on work order list views (when they are acting as L1 RSE), and finally also on case line list view (when acting as escalation team member part of an escalation team).

This makes it difficult for such users to switch between different objects to check individual list views.

We need a way to present to users records (irrespective on object) that require their attention. A common field we have on all 3 objecs mentioned in the Service Team the technician is part of, so for example a new WO can be stamped with a look up to a service team of which engineers are expected to own it, even before a techinician is assigned).


We already looked at possibility to use report types, but we could only combine cases with case lines or cases with work orders. So it was not possible in 1 report to show cases and work orders and case lines with a common attribute.


Last requirement is to be able to have dymaic sortinmg of records in that consolidated list, by priority for example, or by created time, even for records from different objects.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Complexity for finding work from different objects.
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Users have to switch between different tabs and then check the right list view on such object, system remembers the last visited list view per object, but still changing of object tabs is needed.
Product Area?
Remote Service Delivery
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Product Team
Product Team


Suggest to try SFM search.

1. Use SFM Search to group results from all three objects and view it on search delivery UI. In the search configuration use  expression to filter required records against each object ex: escalated cases, unassigned WO’s or new WO’s

2. You have mentioned about having common field 'Service Team'  on all 3 objects. Configure ‘service team’ as the field on which key word search must be performed. On the search delivery, keyword search on service team name. This filters to show records belonging to that team from all three objects. - recommend this

3. In search result by default if you wan to see only those records which belongs to your service team then you need to build some custom formula field on the object to identify and use this field in the search filter expression. Set the  formula field with value like i.e login user's service team same as wo service team then set field value to 1 else 0.  Use this field value in the search expression. 

4. From the search result record you can access the wizard steps(SFM) to perform next steps.

Check out our help on SFM Search module to know more!servicemax-20-1-consolidated-help/sfm-sfm-search-module


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Grill Chef
Grill Chef


Thanks for your response

In my view, engineers should not rely on any type of global search to find work or prioritize work they have to perform, both for new work items or existing and open work items.

Is it possible to define a shared SFM search with specific filters, which would result in the same view shared across team members. Where would a user click to see the SFM search results, is that SFM on case?

Is SFM Search and Explore Search on devices the same thing? How can we user SFM search on browser environment?

Problem here is that we have 3 objects and users need to switch between different tabs to check individual list views.

Also report types are limiting today, we could not find a report type to accommodate all three objects.

That is why we are reaching out to the vendor to understand the business needs here, and come up with a solution, list views and reports are just examples of course, so should no limit the solution approach.

The link provided does not explain how this would look like for end users, do you have some further documentation on SFM search?

Product Team
Product Team


  • You can use 'Manage Permissions' on SFM search configuration screen to define which searches must be made available to which profile users. Allows you to share same SFM search with different group profiles or assign it anyone profile.
  • The results displayed will same across all user, depends on the filter condition.
  • Yes, SFM Search and Explore what you see on device is the same.
  • In Classic mode you can access from Home page.  Snapshot FYR Standard Account Search on 4 different objects which shows open status records

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 1.21.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-04-03 at 1.35.56 PM.png

How to enable:

Setup > Home Page Layouts > Edit , Select ' ServiceMax SFM Search'  checkbox to show and save.




  • Follow steps detailed in link below to access SFM Search delivery UI in lightning mode.!servicemax-20-1-consolidated-help/lightning-custom-link-sfm-s...


Grill Chef
Grill Chef

Sorry but SFM search or Explore Search as you show above, is not meeting the need of the business.

A user has to use the browser multiple times a day to find new work, or review existing open owned items to work on.

If I have to see 4 different tabs per object, this would be the same as if I would open 4 different tabs on the browser to look at list vies of different objects.

The ask here is to have 1 list, so users can prioritize their work.

Product Team
Product Team

@athanasios_ampe is section view not helping, click on T (switch layout next to Records label). Here instead of tab view all records are displayed one below the other, single view.

We are grouping records by object so that it is easier to categorise. Also since inputs are from different objects and columns will be different for each, you cannot fetch directly from different objects and show in one view.

All I can think is have a new custom object and map records from different object to same/ similar columns in this new object. Configure to view as list view from this new custom object. HTH



Grill Chef
Grill Chef

Would you have an example screenshot, on how the SFM transaction looks like when users clocks on T (switch layout next to Records label)?

Product Team
Product Team


All sections will be expanded by default.Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 2.12.29 PM.png

you can expand and collapse as well