Filter parts lookup by Contract/Pricebook

Filter parts lookup by Contract/Pricebook

Currently, the Advanced Pricing functionality does not allow you to filter the parts lookups on the Part and Labor tabs to only view those products associated to the Service/Maintenance Contract.  We are unable to easily indicate which products a user should be viewing for a particular job in this scenario.  The idea is the ability to filter parts lookups to view only the products on the Service/Maintenance Contract, Parts Pricebook, and Service Pricebook associated to the Work Order.  However, the user should have the ability to override this filter and select a product outside of the contract.

How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
It is not being addressed.
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Autumn 17
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Product Team
Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi @abbey_simoneaux , 

Can you provide more information regarding this idea? It sounds like you are interested in having the parts lookup search window return results that only coincide with the parts identified as covered in the SCON (or in the Parts Pricebooks associated to the SCON). Have you tried using the filtering configuring for your SFM lookup? If this is for mobile, it is also possible to filter what is searchable on the local mobile device by configuring advanced sync criteria. 

We are taking this enhancement under consideration, but it would be very helpful to have additional details. thank you! 


Lacy Cotton-Hodgson