PM Plan Template - Frequency in Days


Contracts have been signed where the frequency of a service is agreed at every 15 days or every 45 days. When attempting to set up a PM Plan Template to cover this, we miss the mark by a few days as the lowest possible frequency is weeks. For now, we have used the Week frequency and used 2 weeks and 6 weeks respectively but we end up with 14 day and 42 day services as opposed to the needed 15 and 45. This can be manually manipulated but leads to many errors for scheduling.

We have considered the possibility of using the month frequency and using a decimal for the frequency as 0.5 and 1.5 but this resulted in WOs being generated monthly.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Not able to specify the exact amount of days between PM Plan run.
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Handling it using the Weeks frequency but it continually requires manual manipulation of the PM Schedule
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PM Plan Template
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@lacy_cotton  - Can you take a look at this idea?  

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Hi All, 

I'm moving this idea from the "Work Planning & Scheduling" board to the "Other Tools & Features" board because its focus is on PM Plan Template frequency and not Work Order Scheduling.

For clarification's sake, please know that decimal point values are not recognized by the "frequency" field on the PM Plan Template's Schedule Lines. It is designed for whole numbers only, and attempting to input decimals on it will result in an error or incorrect PM WO generation. 

Regarding the request for adding a Frequency Unit of "Days," we will take this under consideration. I have some concerns about the risk it could present to the overall burden of PM Processing, especially when the scale of PM Plans and PM Coverages is increased. @andrewskf , any insight you can provide would be appreciated, especially regarding the volume of PM Plans, the number of PM Coverages on a single PM Plan, and combinations of frequencies (multiple PM Schedules with days, weeks, etc) on a PM Plan.