ServiceMax Formula support for LEN (Character Count)

ServiceMax Formula support for LEN (Character Count)

If ServiceMax Formulas supported character count this would be very helpful.  This would prevent errors upon sync when users exceed the character count of a text/number field.  Usually this requires building a process around the user being able to go back and correct their mistake.

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IoT Reporting & Analytics Returns Management & Depot Repair Work Order Management
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Summer 16
Roast Chef nick_sauer
Roast Chef

This is very important for offline use.

We have had to use workarounds here as the SFDC validation rules, especially pertaining to LEN.  Because SVMX does not support, we've had to regress our validation rules so as not to cause sync conflict on allowed value in SVMX being disallowed on commit to online.

Product Team
Product Team
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Pastry Chef johnw
Pastry Chef

I agree. Having this function in the SFM would be very beneficial as @nick_sauer mentioned