Timesheets - no validation on start/end dates for adhoc time entry

Timesheets - no validation on start/end dates for adhoc time entry

Timesheets - When creating an adhoc time entry, there is no validation on the start and end dates.

If the end date < start date, the duration will store as a negative number.

Need a validation that the duration needs to be greater than zero.

Please make this a screen validation, preventing the user from saving, rather than making it a sync conflict error.

Need to add a validation that the entry start and end date has to be on the same date.


When adding an adhoc time entry, the user selects the day of the week then puts in the entry with a start and end date/time.

This start/end date can be different from the Day of the Week that was selected.

Can we add validation to prevent this?

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Provide validation message for user
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Summer 16
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Hi in our instance we have developed custom code to control the dates to avoid any issues on duration calculation :

1. Start date & End date - same as selected date

2. End date/time greater than Start date/time

We have added this custom code in Work details creation/management in order to have correct time entries created through Auto-fill engine.

NB. we are in version 18.2