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We have been using TreeView from past few months and we have below enhancement requests:

1. Admin Configurable Fields sequence. Today, user can choose the fields/columns as per their need. We have custom address fields on Location and few other custom fields on IP which are not available for users by default. They have to re-arrange columns every time Web Tree View is launched.

2. If User changes the fields/columns on Tree View, it is available in that session. If you login back new session or next day, columns restored to default sequence. We need personalization of Column selection.

3. When Tree View launched from Location, it shows fields of Location only. When Tree View expanded then we can't see IP details at all.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Better User experience
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
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Installed Base Management
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Winter 18.2
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Product Team

Sandeep Reddy Musku

1. Is the ask to provide admin an option to define the default display columns. Is there a need where user must be restricted from choosing columns.

2.  Personalization of column selection is supported at user level. Once user clicks on 'Apply' in Configure columns the changes will get saved for the user. It will be applicable for this user on any session, on any browser unless user changes it.

Can you detail out more on what scenarios you see it getting restored to default column in spite of user reconfiguring it.

3. When tree view is launched from location, the column displayed are related to location object. So IB record details are not displayed. Same happens when launched from Ib record i.e. location record details is not shown.

4. If we show only IB details and not location record details when launched from location record will it help i.e. similar to web tree launched from IB record.

5. What other information of tree view would help

Pastry Chef
Pastry Chef

Shivaranjini Gangadharappa  Here are my Answers to the respective items in your reply:

1. The ask is to provide admin an option to define the default display columns. Users should continue to choose or re-order columns over ridding admin configuration. Many default column in current Tree View on IP are not used by

2. We tested in one of our User Machine and it did not work. I just tested again and I could see the fields order is saved as expected. We will run through few more rounds of tests and keep posted. Could be browser cache issue.

3. I understand the behavior and limitation. The expectation is to match the Install Base App TreeView if possible. Like, when IP is selected, IP details should display.

4. We would like to see the hierarchy including IP and Location as-is in InstallBase App.

5. Drag and drop  of IP/Location from one parent to another would be a good value add. This feature is available in Install Base App and very user friendly.

Mike Mcgowan​ Let feel free share any features that you would like to add to Web TreeView

Product Team
Product Team
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