Use of Virtual Reality headsets - longer term thinking

Use of Virtual Reality headsets - longer term thinking


In Japan there will be a huge shift towards the use of robots for maintenance & repair work that is in dangerous environments.

For the next ~15 years these robots are unlikely to be advanced enough to operate independently of an intelligent human guide for most jobs, especially break/fix jobs (as opposed to PM)

The best currently-available bridging mechanism is probably VR headsets, which can synthesize feedback from sensors on the robot to create a facsimile of the actual repair & maintenance environment into a VR headset worn by a human "pilot". Currently these headsets are mostly used in entertainment.

Looking into the longer term future of ServiceMax as a leader in field service, it would be interesting to consider what we can add to the recipe of robot + pilot + VR headset. Proactive instructional guides on a heads-up display in the VR headset would be an obvious start, as is real time data collection on what is being done by the robot (automatic WO debrief, zero admin time).

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Status changed to: Not Planned

We have no specific plans for VR integration at this time, but we will add AI and VR features as warranted and functional in future releases.