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PM Plan and Coverages

Line Chef
Line Chef

PM Plan and Coverages

Hello All,


Had a question on PM Plans and its related child objects PM Schedule,PM Schedule definition and PM Coverage.


Currently PM Plan can be created from Installed Product from a standards SFM ,where PM Coverage is tagged as a default line item to the PM plan and PM Schedule definition is derived from the PM Plan Template which is a look up to the PM Plan Template object.


As PM Plan is created and see the start and end dates of the Plan,Schedule definition in PM Schedule definition Related List and later PM Scheduler updates the Last run date and Scheduled on Date at PM Schedule Related List of the PM Plan.



PM Schedule Definition

PM Schedule Definition Help PM Schedule Definition Help (New Window)



Action Record Number Work Order Purpose Frequency Frequency Unit Schedule Type Recurring Processed
Edit | Del 0000000153   6 Months Time Based Checked Not Checked



PM Schedule

PM Schedule Help PM Schedule Help (New Window)



Action Record Number PM Schedule Definition Scheduled On Last Run Date
Edit | Del 0000000251 0000000153 3/2/2015 9/2/2014



My question ,contradictory to the above we do have the following fields on PM Coverage child object as well.


PM Cycle Type PM Frequency Next PM Cycle


Customer wants to know which fields to be used for driving the PM Scheduler,i.e either the ones from PM Schedule Objects or from PM Coverage and best practices of using the same.Also what is the use case of specifying or opening up the schedules and dates on different objects which leads to confusion.Also like to know if both PM Schedule and fields on PM Coverage is been populated,what is the behavior of PM Scheduler and which would execute and override which fields.Please educate us as our business deals majorly with PM Module and we are finding more difficulty.Thanks in Advance.


Re: PM Plan and Coverages

Hi Raghu Seetharam​,

I just wanted to circle back and see if you have found a resolution to this topic since your initial post.  We would be interested in hearing if you have and your feedback on the process.  Thanks!