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Entitlements (Warranties and Contracts)

Define and manage a wide range of entitlements for both warranty and service contracts that are tailored to drive maximum uptime and customer satisfaction.

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Installed Base Management

Support your complex equipment, track your installed base in the field to deliver effective service, implement proactive service plans, and move to outcome-as-a-service offerings. Access service history of as-maintained equipment and hierarchy of its subcomponents, link your assets to cases, work orders, maintenance plans, warranties and service contracts so technicians can review asset’s service history for the duration of the asset life cycle.

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Field service technicians are always on the move—making mobile devices a logical extension to their everyday tools.

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Parts Logistics

Manage spare parts effectively, maintain optimal inventory levels, gain full visibility into parts and their locations, track parts consumption against work orders, warranties and service contracts so you can bill customers correctly and get insights into parts-related costs. Empower Technicians to order parts and automate the ordering process with the auto-replenishment feature.

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Service Flow/Process Manager

Called Service Flow Manager in ServiceMax Core and Service Process Manager in Asset 360. This wizard and feature set provides a powerful, future proof way to either deliver new or tailor existing business workflows, when you want them, on the device you choose.

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Work Planning & Scheduling

ServiceMax ensures you send the right people at the right time with the right parts, with remarkable results from our service scheduling software.

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Zinc Intelligent Remote Service

ServiceMax Zinc connects technicians in real time with the people and information needed to confidently get the job done quickly and correctly, allowing organizations to reduce mean time to repair, boost customer satisfaction and improve employee engagement.

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Other Features & Tools

These solutions help original equipment manufacturers and service providers execute the entire service delivery process with differentiated services that drive revenue and efficiencies.

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