Add the API Name of a field to the SFM Transaction Designer

Add the API Name of a field to the SFM Transaction Designer

Sometimes we have more than one field with the same field label (silly, I know, but it happens ). Therefore in the SFM Transaction Designer, its impossible to distinguish between the fields as you cant see the API name and can only see the field label (which is the same)

This idea is to display the API Name of the field in the properties window once the field has been added and is selected. For example, we have two fields called "Account ID", and I would expect to see the API name as shown in this mock up:

I can then add both fields, see the API name for each, and decide which one it is I want to use.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Being able to identify which field I require if multiple fields have the same field label within SFM Transaction Designer
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Product Area?
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 16
Product Team
Product Team

Chris Wada​ - for your review and consideration.

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Or the opportunity to toggle between API and the field name...

Product Team
Product Team
Status changed to: Delivered

This has been addressed in the new SFM Designer.

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