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Allow additional conditions in Advanced Lookup Filters

Allow additional conditions in Advanced Lookup Filters

Allow additional conditions in Advanced Lookup Filters

There is a powerful feature built into SFMs which allows you to filter a lookup according to fields on records related to the object you're looking up to. However, it is missing the ability to refer to header record fields which we could use to match on. We would use this feature more if it had the same functionality as other SFM features.

Use case for this would be to filter a large number of records on Covered Product lines first by Product Family using SFM Lookup Context Filtering, and then further filter the Products to show only those which have related records which match a key Covered Product field.

The power in this advanced filtering is to very quickly find records from objects with thousands of records without making the contract admin select from a lengthy list. For example, when I hard-code the value to match on, the lookup returns (2) records which is fantastic. But this is not workable as that value changes from Covered Product to Covered Product. When I remove the Advanced Lookup Filter, I get 50-100 records which have to be navigated though in the small SFM Lookup Screen.

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Anita D'SouzaBrittany Taylor​ bio-rad​

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Allow quick filtering of records being lookup up.
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
There are some SFM Literals allowed in the SFM Advanced Lookup Filter, but they are date related and you can't match to fields on the record you are searching from.
Product Area?
Communities Warranties & Contracts Work Order Management
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Autumn 17
Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

@mmajerus6   Is this still an issue in your current version?


@shankari_shiva Would you please provide an update on this one?  Thanks!

Grill Chef
Grill Chef

This would be absolutely great! We would have a huge benefit for several scenarios with this literals working in Advanced Lookup as well - For e.g. bill of materials, searching for customer consignment stock etc.

P.S.: Still missing in version 20.2!