Allow us to control of the size of the box on the SFM for text fields

Allow us to control of the size of the box on the SFM for text fields

On our Finalize SFM, we have a text field called "Service Comments". It is limited to 219 characters. On FSA for iPad, the entry box is quite small and only about 20 characters show. There is no way to expand this box for the user to see the full text. In addition, editing is difficult. The spacebar can be held to swipe back and forth but even then it is difficult to position the cursor to edit.

We would like to be able to size the text box, even for other text types. It would help to be able to stretch text fields across the iPad page instead of limiting the field to one column. Long-text fields do stretch across the field but we cannot control the height of the SFM.

We have similar needs in the browser SFM layout as well. pic1.jpg

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Provide a better user experience by allowing the user to see more text on the page and allowing easier editing.
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
We have shared the trick of holding the spacebar to swipe left/right. It is less than ideal.
Product Area?
FSA for iPad
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Server: 18.2 Mobile: FSA for iPad 3.4.4
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Customer Success Team

@shivaranjini_g  Thoughts on this one?  Thanks!

Product Team
Product Team

@susanbmichel @lisa_mercer 

On web we allow to expand the text area field for user to have complete data view. For text fields, cursor auto scrolls allowing use to see what is being types once end of the field width is reached. Max of 70 characters can be entered in lightning.

There is no immediate plan to change this in web UI

@archana_krishna  Please respond for mobile


Customer Success Team

@archana_krishna  Would you give us an update on mobile please?  Thanks!

Product Team
Product Team

@susanbmichel @lisa_mercer 

Interestingly, we heard multiple customers complain about some text type fields stretching across the full width if a 2 column view was configured. To address that we made long text and text area fields are taller compared to other field types, allow user to expand them to see full view and allow scroll within these fields  (19.2) and not span across columns (when 2 column is configured).

For reasons mentioned above we don't plan to change behavior for other data types too.

However to workaround this on FSA, this could be configured as a separate section with single column in the page layout, thus allowing it to take full width. Does this help?

Sushi Chef susanbmichel
Sushi Chef

@archana_krishna Thank you for these insights. I think we were looking for a general flexibility on the FSA SFM to size boxes to a custom size - whether it was cross-columns or a custom height within a column. I know this is probably asking a lot! We would want this for all field types, not just long text or short text. I think the ability to draw the box to a custom size would fulfill our requirement. We are also looking for this same capability in the browser SFM - especially for long text. In the browser, there isn't a way to pop-out the long-text like in FSA. That would be a great feature in the browser.

I like your idea for the workaround and may give that a try. The SFM in question is already quite lengthy, so I would have to see how much a new section would chop up the layout.

Thank you!

Susan Michel

cc @lisa_mercer