Audit Log for ServiceMax Changes

There is currently no easy way to see audit history of ServiceMax configuration changes. Modifying an SFM for example. This should be similar to the Salesforce Audit log.

Also our experience is that when a user modifies one thing in the org, which we think is using translation workbench, then all the last modified stamps get updated. This erases the little audit info of last modified that we do have.

Due to the way that ServiceMax manage SFM updates turning on field history tracking for the relevant ServiceMax configuration objects would not be enough for auditors.

This is the feedback from the Product team in a ServiceMax Knowledge article:

However, in regard to SFM changes, there is no OOTB UI to track changes to SFM settings.

ServiceMax uses record data to create the SFM transactions, mapping, filter criteria etc. You can use field history tracking on the ServiceMax Process and ServiceMax Config Data objects. However, when changes are made to a mapping or page layout within an SFM, the existing record data is deleted and new records are created.

It is technically possible to track SFM changes in the database, but would require technical expertise from SVMX to make sense of the underlying databases that track the SFM changes.

Use of Salesforce Audit Trails Feature to Track Changes

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What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Unable to meet audit requirements to track changes using ServiceMax Setup.
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Not addressed
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What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 16
Product Team
Product Team
Status changed to: Delivered

With 20.1 release we have enabled auditing on new designer screens. Marking this item as Delivered. 

Do share your feedback with @Anita_Dsouza / @shivaranjini_g 



Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

@shivaranjini_g This is great news!  I’ve asked the CSMs to follow up with customers to get feedback!

Product Team
Product Team

@lisa_mercer In my previous comment, I have added brief note on what has been done and how details are captured, FYR

Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

Logs for use in tracking Change Management in the Med Device industry is a definite focal point. I can see why this would be of considerable interest for compliance reasons.

Customer Success Team
Customer Success Team

This is great news!  Have reached out to Horiba who is currently on 19.2 and can take advantage of Configuration Profile and continuing upgrade timeline to take advantage of additional functionality.