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Clearing Cache in SFM

Clearing Cache in SFM

Clearing Cache in SFM

Current functionality:

If a field service technician has 2 of a particular part and adds both of them to a Work Order, he will receive a warning message that he does not have enough inventory to complete his work.  He is still able to save, but the warning message is leading to a perception that inventory is inaccurate. The validation rule needs to be smart enough to not warn a technician if there are enough parts available to fulfill this particular Work Order.

Issue Seems to be with the SFM Cache -

Once the cache is cleared, added the same part line and saved the work order, technician is not receiving any warning messages.

The confirmation message is popping up depending on the field  "Product Stock Qty".The Confirmation message checks for whether entered "Line Qty" is greater than "Product Stock Qty". We found that "Product Stock Qty" field getting incorrect values, its causing the Confirmation message to pop up.

Currently we are facing an issue on clearing cache, on of the fields in SFM is not populating correct vales. Cache should be cleared every time.

Idea - If we can have the cache automatically cleared after it is being saved. Once the Parts is used, it remains in the system memory which needs to be cleared without any manual intervention.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Cache to be cleared every time before the SFM is saved.
Product Area?
Communities Parts Management Work Order Management
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Autumn 17
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Line Chef
Line Chef

Cache management is a infrastructure/architecture policy should not be a business application level decision. Found this link that may be of interest -caching - Cache invalidation algorithm - Stack Overflow