Form Fill feature to blank the value on the field

Form Fill feature to blank the value on the field

Form Fill feature to blank the value on the field

How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
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Pastry Chef

Hello Shuma Nessa​. I agree that it would be nice to have the 'Lookup Form-Fill' or SFM Object Mapping work in the reverse and blank out the target field, but i believe the action of selecting a source value in the lookup is what actually triggers the mapping to the target field.

For your immediate use case, rather than relying on the form fill to NULL the target field, you could use an SFM Formula to do the same thing. You can create a formula which checks if the value in the source lookup field is NULL, and then assigns NULL to the target field. The below formula is slightly different, but the idea is the same in that, per a value in a source field, it is blanking out a target field.


sfm formulas​  sfm_lookup_form_fill​  sfm_object_mapping​

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Product Team
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On Form fill, target field value was retained as is if the source value was blank. This issue has been handled in upcoming 19.2 release. Form-fill will blank or clear the target field value if the source field value is blank. 


However we do not support clearing field value or set to null directly today. Its on the roadmap. We will be introducing a new literal to support clearing field values on mapping record. Reference link