Invoke SFM through Apex Data Loader/Trigger/Process Builder

Invoke SFM through Apex Data Loader/Trigger/Process Builder

SFM is an extremely powerful tool that allows to perform multiple steps in a click of the button.

However, sometimes, its tedious and menial job to click the button for every record.

For Eg: If I want to validate the address of the Technicians or assign the latest Latitude and Longitude, I would have to manually hit the SFM for every technician for the Geo-coding to work.

If there was a way to automate SFM execution, conditionally, through Apex Data Loader/Trigger/Process Builder, I am positive it would drive great efficiency and would make the tool extremely flexible and powerful..

How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
Manually !
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Summer 16
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This is an issue I am seeing more and more, where we are updating geo-coding on a Location record and then having to go through every IP & Contact under that location to 'update' the record to bring through the new co-ordinates. The ability to be able to update any related records where the Location is connected would be most beneficial.

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@karans23   Is this still an issue on your current version?

@shivaranjini_g  Could we please get a review and update on this one?  Thanks!

Fry Chef karans23
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Hi @lisa_mercer ,

This still remains an issue and we love to see this added as a product feature.

This is esp true when we have mass load records.


Karan Shah.

Staff Chef richard_lewis
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Hi @karans23 , have you tried with your dataload setting a field on the record called something like 'Trigger Scheduled SFM1'. Then build an SFM that does what you need and create a scheduled sfm to run it. You can then run a scheduled sfm on demand after your dataloads. You could create multiple SFMs with fields on your records for each one.

Its not perfect but it should help you achieve your use case.

Regards, Richard

Fry Chef karans23
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Hi @richard_lewis ,

This is indeed a cool idea. We can certainly use this for very predictable situations.

Reality is, we need this functionality for adhoc and unforeseen situations. Few other challenges include:

1. Ours is a GXP system. We cant modify/tweak the scheduled SFMs on the fly. The slightest of change in logic would be detrimental to this approach

2. This would simply double-up on the efforts that I need 2 systems to do the same job!

3. Slightest delay in manually running the scheduled SFMs could mean that the records are now vulnerable to user actions which we dont want !

4. There could be multiple objects for which we want to mass load/update. Adding new fields to every object would be a stretch.

I would agree w/ the work around, but mostly would be on a case-case basis.

FYI.. @lisa_mercer 


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any update

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@shivaranjini_g   Hi!  Any updates on this one?  It looks like the work arounds provided won't complete resolve the issue for @karans23  as it would only work on a case by case basis.