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Need Price Book Fields/Logic for WO Not Entitled to a Service Contract

Need Price Book Fields/Logic for WO Not Entitled to a Service Contract

Need Price Book Fields/Logic for WO Not Entitled to a Service Contract

Currently ServiceMax Get Price can only use specific Price Books for Parts,Labor, Expenses, etc when a Work Order is Entitled with a Service Contract as you have this option on Service Contracts Only.

However, any work order not entitled to a Service Contract (Billable) will always use the default price books configured in a ServiceMax Group (linked to a Profile and User).

This causes problems, especially in Europe for users performing Jobs for Multiple Countries or to Assist in Cross Border Jobs on such Work Orders not entitled to a Service Contract.

For example:

Germany and France and Italy both use the EURO however have different rates for Parts, Labor and Expenses. Then a Service Engineer from Germany needs to help out the France Office by assisting to one of their customers. The Work Order is billable and as the information is inputted by a German Engineer the French Customer Suddenly gets the German Rates and not the French Rates that they are accustomed to. The German Technician Finishes the Job and the Work Order is Closed. The a person from the 'EMEA' backoffice who processes Billable Work Orders for mainly Italy, Germany and France and is in the Italy Profile is going to Enter Time and Material and make some corrections and when using Get Price or Save all rates are updated to those of Italy.

This happens allot and many users are not ware and is already for many years a huge problem.

An easy Solution is to create all applicable Pricebook Lookup fields at least on the Work Order and a Setting in ServiceMax to say, if populated use those pricebooks for example and Get Price would get the correct rates. This would also help with Global Key Accounts which could have different Agreements for Prices.

Such fields on the Work Order can easily be populated with Salesforce Process Builders according to our needed logic and thus be very flexible. We could set these prices on Accounts, Locations, Installed Products or Cases and have them automatically populated to Work Orders when they are Created.

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Have predefined Pricebooks that are Customer Centric and not User Centric
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
There is no real solution. Errors are made and if not aware will not be manually correct by entering all prices by hand
Product Area?
Get Price and Price Book Configuration
What version of ServiceMax are you on?