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Rich Text - Formatted Text Area Field Type

Rich Text - Formatted Text Area Field Type

Rich Text - Formatted Text Area Field Type

Would like servicemax to enable use of the salesforce formatted text area field type ( rich text ) in SFM's and smart docs / output documents

At present we have tech's detailing their work performed in debrief , formatting the text in the field ( using line breaks , etc) but when smart doc ( custom) is generated, text looses all formatting.

We produce some lengthy service reports and they are much harder for the customer to read in one big block of text

Product Area?
IoT Returns Management & Depot Repair
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Summer 16
Fry Chef
Fry Chef

We have the same problem - we have long service reports but the formatting is lost.

SFM Output Documents do have the ability to render rich text fields by using:   <div svmx-data="{{$D.Work_Order.Trip_Report__c}}"></div> as the field value instead of just {{$D.Work_Order.Trip_Report__c}} - Where Work_Order.Trip_Report__c is a custom rich text field called "Trip Report"

Unfortunately though, you cannot modify any rich text fields within the iPad app in editing SFMs.

FYI - a (partially viable) work around would be to write a salesforce trigger to copy/paste the value from a long text field into a rich text field.  Then have the Output Document SFM reference the rich text field in the output document like so:  <div svmx-data="{{$D.Work_Order.Trip_Report__c}}"></div>

Only problem with this work around is that it requires multiple data syncs, one to push the long text field to salesforce, then a second to retrieve the updated rich text field that was updated by the trigger.  This solution would also need the user to be online.

Grill Chef
Grill Chef

Thanks for the tip