Scheduled SFMs need separate Qualifying Criteria

Scheduled SFMs need separate Qualifying Criteria

Scheduled SFMs are a great replacement for custom-coded batch jobs. But currently, the qualifying criteria is 'borrowed' from the SFM itself which limits how it can be used. In our use case, we are automatically creating contract renewals via the SFM, but we have to create separate SFMs per region in order to run each batch of renewals separately and according to the countries time zone.

Adding separate, Scheduled SFM qualifying criteria would allow us to use the same SFM, but have separate Schedules by region. The added benefit is that the 'Error Report' could be emailed to a regional admin instead of all Global errors going to a single contact.

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Lisa MercerBrittany Taylor

What is the underlying problem do you intend to solve with this idea?
Limit the number of cloned SFMs needed to manage a Global Service Organization.
How is the problem being addressed today, if at all?
We have to clone the SFMs for each region.
Product Area?
Communities Warranties & Contracts
What version of ServiceMax are you on?
Autumn 17

@shivaranjini_g   Hi!  Can we please get a status from Product on this one?  Thanks!


@mmajerus6   Can you please confirm if this is still happening for you in your current version?  Thanks!

Pastry Chef mmajerus6
Pastry Chef

Hello @lisa_mercer.

Yes, the Scheduled SFM functionality is still missing a crucial feature which is Qualifying Criteria on the Schedule itself. Currently, it is using the SFM's criteria to run. 

If we could add the critieria to the Schedule, then we could use the same SFM across all regions and just have a different criteria and schedule per region. 

Have a great day!

Michael Majerus


@mmajerus6   Thank you for the confirmation.


@shivaranjini_g   Please see the comments from Michael above.  Thanks.

Product Team
Product Team

Hi @mmajerus6 

Today we allow to select from available list of SFMs. The SFM's can be on any source object, not restricted to single object. Hence qualifying criteria at scheduled SFM will not help. The source record of the SFM's selected might be different and same qualifying criteria will not be applicable to all.

In your use case, do you group SFMs on similar object and create a scheduled SFM for them? 


Do you have use case where all type of SFM's are selected and run under one schedule.


Pastry Chef mmajerus6
Pastry Chef

Hello @shivaranjini_g . Our use case as described above is that we have an SFM which auto-creates service contracts prior to the renewal date. This SFM is currently scheduled to run at a set time, but really needs to be broken up regionally such that each region has a set schedule and any errors would go to the regoinal representative. 

With the current configuration in the schedule, one can only set a single schedule and assign a single email address to send errors to. As such, we have to create multiple SFMs to represent each region so that we can define the Country in the Qualifying Criteria. Then we have to create multiple Schedules.

Maintaining different regional versions of the same SFM with the same functionality just because of the Qualifying Criteria is not very efficient from both a development and maintenance perspective. 

If we use Qualifying Critieria in the Scheduled SFM itselt, then we would only need (1) SFM which represents the functionality and regional schedules which define the region and point person to send errors to.

Batch jobs typically have entry criteria aside just the time. It's strange that the Scheduled SFMs do not. I'm thinking about the Preventative Maintenance routine. It auto-creates Work Orders based on criteria and a schedule.

Product Team
Product Team

Hi @mmajerus6 thanks for sharing details. 

Will further review and get back on this.