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Auto Move of Work Detail Lines

Hi all, not sure if anyone is able to assist with this, but I am hoping so!

Within our work order we have several SFM buttons which control different admin office based functions, one of them is 'Create Estimate' this allows our admin people to create an estimate for further work needed following on from an engineers visit.

When an engineer visits a work order, and determines further work is needed he will create 'Request/Receipt' lines within the work detail which will outline what products/spares he needs to complete the work required.

When the SFM 'Create Estimate' is pressed the screen opens up blank, therefore the admin users have to physically hand-write the parts required (from the 'Request/Receipt' lines) and manually enter them into the Estimate SFM.

Is there a way, you can configure the SFM button 'Create Estimate' to automatically map through into the Create Estimate screen, this would avoid the need for the admin people to hand-write down the parts listed and re-populate them into the estimate creation screen?

Any ideas, or thoughts would be welcomed!

BR, Mark