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Calling Apex Service from Scheduled SFM

Staff Chef
Staff Chef

Calling Apex Service from Scheduled SFM

Hi Rupali Hindocha​, do you know how to do this and can you explain to us what an 'Apex Service' is?

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Re: Calling Apex Service from Scheduled SFM

Hi Richard,

You can configure one or more Apex Services ( Web service ) as described below:

  • Select the required Object Name.
  • Select the Qualification Criteria to identify the records to be processed by the Apex service.
  • Specify the Service/Class Name.
  • Optionally, define a Batch Size. If not specified, it defaults to 1. Batch Size indicates the number of qualifying records processed by the Apex service per batch.
  • The screenshot below shows the configuration of the two out-of-the-box Apex services
  • Scheduled Apex Services.jpg

Note : Only two standard Apex services are supported. Custom Apex services are not supported.

Dana Levitt​ , Angie Hanning​.


Rupali Hindocha