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Pastry Chef johnw
Pastry Chef

Create Usage Lines From Estimate

Is anyone using the "Create Usage Lines From Estimate" SFM?

We just launched our Depot Service in ServiceMax and would like to hear how it works for you.

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Customer Success Team

Re: Create Usage Lines From Estimate

Hi @johnw ,

Let me see if any of my fellow CSM's might have some customers that use ServiceMax for depot repair and can tag their customers in this thread to give their 2 cents.  Anything in particular you'd like them to chime in on?

@kimberly_christmas @lisa_mercer @paul_hodgson @neil_cook @tony_mcdermott @jamie_mckechnie @carlos_mira @kevinpayne @brian_waiser 

Thanks team! 

If you want to get my attention quickly, please be sure to @ me.  Thanks!
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