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Field Update on Output Document SFM

Is it possible to trigger a field update when an Output Document SFM is completed? I'd like to put some validation in place, stopping my technicians from finishing the job before they've sent over their Service Report.

Mobile app is Winter '15 on iPhone 6.


Re: Field Update on Output Document SFM

Hi Micah,

Thank you for posting this question to the community.  What I have seen, and what I did in my own test environment, is I created a new read only checkbox field and kept the default set to unchecked.  I then went in to the SFM that creates the service report and clicked in to the tab labeled, "Target object update", and from there it should allow you to choose the new read only check box field and set it to true.  It only became checked after creating the service report.

This will allow you to create the validation rule so that your technicians can only finish a work order if the new field is checked.