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Line Chef

Formulas should be supported for background SFM TRansactions

According to the documentation, it is not possible to use formulas with background SFM-Transactions:


This should be enabled, as it would give our users a better experience and save time if they can save a few clicks and long loading times of the interactive transaction.

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Product Team
Product Team

Re: Formulas should be supported for background SFM TRansactions


Formula execution on background SFMs is not on roadmap immediately for web delivery. However on FSA tablet this will be supported in upcoming 19.2 release.

If we have customers looking for this requirement then we would revisit this early for web.

Just to understand more on the requirement, are you looking at separating formula execution and interaction on SFM separately i.e one SFM used only for debriefing purpose and another SFM configured with formula is executed in background.

Is this requirement proposed only because of long loading times.

Would like to understand how this will be used in your work flow and benefit you get.






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