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Line Chef neeraj_sharma
Line Chef

Is Version control supported in ServiceMax?

I'm trying to deploy SFW (Service Flow Wizard) and SFM (Service Flow Management) from my sandbox to UAT sandbox. I'm just looking if there is any capability available in servicemax deployment tool to use multiple version of deployed SFW and SFM so that I can deploy the older version and keep working on latest version.

Currently the challenge is whenever i deploy SFW/SFM it always deploys the current version which basically creates problem on target sandbox because it might be possible that other persons are working on same SFM that is not ready to deploy.

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Grill Chef sharath_sathees
Grill Chef

Re: Is Version control supported in ServiceMax?

I believe we do not have versioning today for SFMs and SFWs. It was discussed as a potential change for the new Designer that is being worked on.

Refer to: Video Link : 1549

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