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Line Chef htsid
Line Chef

Refactoring - Finding fields in SFMs

As part of refactoring we are trying to find reference to certain fields in SFMs, SFM Mapping and data validations.

As an example, we have identified 10 fields in work order object that can be deleted as they are low utilized hence we need to first search if they are referenced in sfm mappings/ data validation/ SFM screen designers and then remove them.  

Kindly suggest options/ also if there are any tools to find these details .


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Pastry Chef johnw
Pastry Chef

Re: Refactoring - Finding fields in SFMs


If the fields are part of the ServiceMax package I would suggest not deleting them (which may not be an option). They will reappear on the next version upgrade.

I would remove them from the SFM and Page layouts for all affected profiles.
Not sure if there are any tools to search the mappings.

One other note: not sure if you used this tool or not: Field Trip.
It’s an app exchange App that will return the percentage used for all fields in any Object in SFDC.
John W
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Line Chef htsid
Line Chef

Re: Refactoring - Finding fields in SFMs

Thank you John!

We did start with Field Trip to find the unused fields, its quite helpful!

Only when it comes to removing them from SFM page layouts/ mappings manually, it can be a bit of time consuming and error prone. 

Another option i was contemplating earlier was to search a given field on global search, it returns the related SFM processes. From there on, we can find the related page layouts etc. However this option is good when one is dealing with less number of fields. But we are currently planning to refactor Case and Work orders, and lot is going on there.


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