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SFM Delivery Engine


SFM Delivery Engine



Most customers have already upgraded your SFM Delivery Engine to HTML 5 (introduced in Summer'13 release). This version enables great features including SFM Data Validation Rules, Linked SFM, Lookup Advanced Filters, Lookup Form-Fill, and Support for SFM Literal User Trunk. ServiceMax will be officially stopping support for an old version Flex-based SFM Delivery with our 19.2 release in 2019. Please turn on the switch for SFM Delivery on HTML5.


WHAT: ServiceMax will be stopping support for Flex-based SFM Delivery Engine.

WHEN: End of life during the 19.2 release in Spring/Summer 2019.

WHO IS IMPACTED: ServiceMax customers still using SFM Delivery Engine on Flex.

ACTIONS TO TAKE: Manually turn on SFM Delivery on HTML5 global setting and test your SFM Delivery pages to ensure business processes are not impacted.


SFM Flex EOL 25Jun2018.png